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3 million news articles per day

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We deliver 3 million news articles per day from 170,000 active sources. Whether you need articles from our 6,000 news sources in Brazil or want to track the 99,000 daily articles from Turkish newspapers, we have got you covered with our News API free of noise. We publish our news coverage to make it easy for you to compare with the amount of news data you have today.

We know how crucial it is to receive News Data as quickly as possible. We have designed our systems to meet this need, and we currently have an average latency of only 8 minutes from when an article is published in any news source in the world, until it is available to you in our News APIs. This is the most efficient API to get news articles directly and you can use it either as a search or feed API. 


Our advanced search engine.

  • Search news articles, and get instant results in JSON
  • Search by keywordsSearch by language or country
  • Readership metrics per article
  • Topics and Entities


Our news firehose; get all news articles in real time.

  • Subscribe to an JSON-feed of news articles for one or several countries
  • Get all data per country and extract results using your search tools
  • Readership metrics per article
  • Topics and Entities

Topics, Entities and Readership Metrics in the News API

The Twingly News API provides topics and entities with scores for article relevance and estimates the unique potential readership for each article based on various factors.


For you to easily extract the most important information from each news article, we include topics and entities in our API output. You can also search for relevant topics and entities in our News Search API.

Showing enteties from twinglys News api
The topics are based on the IPTC Media Topics taxonomy. It is developed specifically for the categorization of media content and is constantly updated with new topics, on top of the 1,200 terms that are currently in use. With each topic follows a score that shows the overall confidence that the article is related to the topic.

The types of entities that we support are person, location and organization. With each entity, you also get the Wikidata ID, for you to get easy access to more information about the entity.


For each of the 3 million daily news articles in our News API, you will get metrics that estimate the unique potential readership. These metrics change over time, and you can get updated Readership metrics during the lifecycle of an article to see its attraction with readers.

This is a unique way to measure online article readership and has been the most sought-after feature in media monitoring for a long time.

The potential readership is a combination of the number of visitors to each news source and the lifetime of each article in the different sections at the source. We also consider the appeal of other articles from that news source, as well as the potential readership of articles at other sources.

This gives us the confidence to provide you with metrics for the potential readership for all online news articles in the world, available together with the full text of the articles in our News APIs.

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