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We started by collecting blog data in 2006, when social media first took off. It was an exciting time with the rise of Facebook, the concept of microblogging with the launch of Twitter, and real video sharing beginning with YouTube.

There was no doubt that it marked the start of a new era.

Our first success was connecting this new social media with the traditional news media. The pioneers across Europe became our clients and gradually began to realize the power of social media. Soon after, e-commerce companies followed, seeking spaces beyond traditional media to connect with new influencers and sell their products.

Our strength has always been collecting and delivering high-quality data with minimal latency, devoid of noise and highly relevant. With that focus in mind, we started collecting as much relevant data as possible for our clients. Today, we have the most extensive coverage in the world when it comes to data from news, blogs, forums, reviews, and the Dark Web.

With our current platform, you can gain immediate access to all this data and start searching within a minute.

Additionally, you will have access to comprehensive documentation showcasing the search possibilities and the richness of the data we provide. If desired, you can also obtain your API key to utilize our APIs.

Currently, we deliver data to clients in over 30 countries who, in turn, provide various types of media monitoring services to everyone from small start-ups to the largest corporations, governments, and organizations worldwide.

We have grown alongside our clients and their evolving needs over the years, and we are always eager to listen to any data monitoring requirements you may have. Whether we can support you today or not, we are happy to refer you to a solution that suits your needs.

We really look forward to hearing from you!

// Pontus Edenberg, CEO

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