Twingly covers the global blogosphere

We index more than 1.4 million blog posts per day, from all over the world. We add 15,000 new active blogs every day and if that is not enough, you can easily add more yourself and we will cover them for you. Through our easy integrated APIs you get access to all of them at your fingertips!

API Services


Our advanced search engine.

  • Search in blogs and get instant results in XML
  • 12 months of history
  • Search across one, several, or all languages
  • Combine and refine your query with our query language
  • One and two letter word search
  • Search for tags in blog posts


Our blog firehose, get all blog posts in real time.

  • Subscribe to an XML-feed of blog data for one or several languages
  • Get all data per language and extract results using your own search tools
  • Backfill support if you need to do maintenance

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56 languages

We index blogs in 56 languages and add new ones upon request. Check out our fresh numbers of coverage per language

Blog rank

Each blog have an individual Blog Rank that determines how influential it is amongst blogs in the same language.

Spam Detection

We have advanced systems not only to secure what we let in to our systems, but also powerful tools to detect and remove spam.

real time status

You can track our blog data collection by the minute, as well as see how well our APIs perform.

What customers say

We have a long and good relationship with Twingly, they are an important component for us to be able to deliver the best blog coverage on the market.
— Kristopher Stenkula, CEO at Notified
Blogs are a very important part of the online conversations that are taking place around our customers’ brands and products. It is essential that clients have a complete picture of the social conversations happening around their brand and many of these conversations happen on blogs.
— Rob Begg, VP Marketing at Radian6

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