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We track updates from millions of online sources like news, blogs, forums, reviews, and the dark web, delivering them via easily integrated APIs.

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3 million news articles per day

We supply over 3 million news articles per day from 170,000 active sources in over 100 countries. This will provide you with the local news you need, as well as global stories.

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10 million forum posts per day

The 9,000 forums we cover globally provide you with 10 million forum posts per day. This keeps you up-to-date with the discussions happening in the major online forums.

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Leader in global blog data

As the leader in global blog data, we monitor 3 million active blogs. Due to the high turnover in the blogosphere, we add over 3,000 new active blogs every day.

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Attract more customers with customer reviews

Customer reviews are key to unlocking valuable insights into their brand's perception. With our cutting-edge Reviews API, you'll have access to over 15 million online reviews every month from all corners of the world.

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Unique insight into the Dark Web

We provide over 16 million posts, articles, and documents per month in our Dark Web Search API, offering you the most comprehensive solution for dark web data.

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William Cox Blog
20 Jun. 2024
Asset Management
News API

“We use proprietary AI and algorithms to calculate the financial impact of ESG”

AI has been a tool in the investment industry for some time, but connecting Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) data to...
Ernesto Becker
11 Jun. 2024
Asset Management
News API

“I see AI primarily as a tool for gaining insights and, secondly, as a potential revolutionizer of investments”

Coleman Capital , a private investment boutique offering hedge funds and real estate investments for institutional, family o...
Tyler Young_blog_new
26 Mar. 2024

“Our customers’ biggest concern in cybersecurity is all the new regulations and how to stay on top of them”

Interview with Tyler Young, CISO at BigID , a data discovery, data classification and data security posture management compa...