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5 Sep. 2023
Media Intelligence

“Media measurement has more value than just a review of past efforts”

Interview with Aseem Sood, CEO at Impact Research & Measurement , a media monitoring company in India & chairman of...
23 Aug. 2023

“Even though AI can harbor errors, nine times out of ten, it is far less biased than people”

Interview with Chandler Wilson, founder of bridge_ci , an end-to-end machine intelligence and alternative data solutions com...
7 Feb. 2023
Media Intelligence

”Since fake news has emerged, people rely on trustworthy journalism to consume their news”

Interview with Johannes Burk, Director Content Solutions at PressReader , an on-demand media platform in Canada Pleas...
17 Jan. 2023
Digital Communication
Media Intelligence

“The communication industry will inevitability be more data driven and more so by first party data”

Interview with Felicia Nugroho, Analytics & Insights Director at Maverick , a strategic communications consultancy compa...
3 Jan. 2023
Media Intelligence
Media Monitoring

“Many things that require skilled personnel in media monitoring today can be replaced by automation in the future”

Interview with Alexander Seutter, CEO of CLIP Mediaservice , a media monitoring company in Austria Nice to e-meet, Al...
22 Nov. 2022
Media Intelligence

“Reviews can help to identify points of improvement to change customer opinions”

Interview with Juan Carlos Martinez Selma, CEO of Atribus , a media intelligence company in Spain. Nice to meet you,...
8 Nov. 2022
Media Monitoring

“Technology is king, but content is queen and she wears the pants”

Interview with Oliver Plauschinat, Head of Business Development at Landau Media , a media monitoring company in Germany....
25 Aug. 2022
Social Media Analytics

“Sometimes media analyzing is not about unveiling what you didn’t know, but about validating things you already did know”

Interview with Rayna Grudova-de Lange, CEO of DeLange Analytics , a research and analytics agency in Bulgaria. Hi Ray...