Social data from millions of sources

We keep track of updates from millions of online sources like blogs, forums, news, etc. Our focus is a broad coverage that includes all significant sources in each country. Through our easily integrated APIs, you get access to all that social data at your fingertips!

Did you know that we monitor 71,000 active blogs in Italy and 2,400 news sites in Turkey?


As the leader in global blog data, we monitor 4 million active blogs. Due to the high turnover in the blogosphere, we add 4,000 new active blogs every day.

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The 9,000 forums we cover globally give you 10 million forum posts per day. That keeps you up-to-date with the discussions going on in the major forums. 



We supply 3 million news articles per day from 150,000 sites in over 100 countries. This will feed you the local news you need and the global stories.




We can monitor your sources TOO

We can add your sources to our monitoring today and save you time and resources. Combined with our data, you can offer your clients much better coverage.

Twingly is transparent

We strive to be transparent. You can always see the status and historical uptime of our systems and services, and we are happy to share our coverage in detail

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Did you know that we index 43,000 blog posts per day in Portuguese?