Frequently asked questions

Why doesn't my blog show up on the websites I'm linking to?

The most common cause of this is that the blog doesn't have the full blog posts in the RSS feed. This is adjusted in a few different ways depending on which platform you are using.

Make sure to check these things:

  • Check that your RSS contains the full blog posts
  • Make sure that you have linked the right article
  • Make sure that you have pinged your blog, usually there is a delay of a few minutes before your link becomes visible on the page you have linked to, but a few times it might take a little bit longer

I've already pinged once, why don't you index my new blog posts?

Our systems need to be notified every time you have written a new blog post. Many blog systems have the ability to send automatic pings, the URL you should add is: More information about the RPC Ping API can be found at the Developer Portal.

If your blog software don't have support for automatic pinging, you need to visit and enter the URL of your blog when you have published a new post.

My problems still persist and I can't figure out what's wrong

We're sorry to hear that, but on the bright side we'll be happy to help you out!

Our support is manned between 9 and 16 o'clock (Central European Time) on regular week days, our goal is to respond to all support mail within two working days.

Please write in English or Swedish to