Show the conversation that is related to your site!

Show the conversation in blogs relevant to you on your website. With Twingly Blogwatch you and your visitors know what has been discussed in blogs about a certain subject. Blogwatch is based on a regular search like you would do in our Blog Search. Join Stockholmsmässan, Stena Line, Gymgrossiten and many others and start using Blogwatch!

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Why Twingly Blogwatch?

  • Open up

    Be open and transparent by showing the conversation around your organisation,  brand or events you organise.

  • Discuss

    Host the conversation and be part of the discussion.

  • Dig deeper

    Let your visitors dig deeper into a subject.

How it works

  1. Integrate within minutes using just a few lines of code.
  2. Control what is shown on your site.
  3. Determine the look and feel of Blogwatch.

Are you a developer looking for more technical details?

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What our customers say

”Twingly offers us the chance to include our fairs visitors’ experience on our website. Fairs center around personal encounters and bloggers are generally good at describing those. We can give you lots of reasons on our site why you should come to one of our events, but many people prefer to hear objective opinions.” Read more

- Petra Rudberg, Digital Media Manager at Stockholmsmässan


”We integrated Twingly Blogwatch into our website in order to create a more transparent presence online, and so that customers have the chance to read other people’s Stena Line travel experiences. We think it is important to highlight our customer’s own stories to show a more nuanced and deeper picture about our products and services.” Read more

- Ronja Gustavsson, Social Web Strategist at Stena Line


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Show the conversation that is related to your site! Contact us for more details

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