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Dark Web API - get access to the shady corners of the web

18 million posts, articles and documents per month in our darknet API, gives you the most comprehensive solution for Dark Web data.

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18 million posts, articles and documents per month 

Enhance brand protection and threat prevention with our Dark Web API

With our Dark Web Search API you get a unique insight into the shady corners of the web. Corners where your brand and products are discussed, and where plans are made to profit from it or harm it. This information is crucial when it comes to brand protection, risk management, and threat prevention.

With 18 million posts, articles and documents per month in our darknet API, we offer the most comprehensive solution for Dark Web data. It includes data from Tor network, pastebins, Discord, Telegram as well as other marketplaces, networks and free speech platforms. With our advanced solutions to collect the data swiftly, you can be sure to access the latest discussions, leaks and counterfeits in the API.

Dark Web data is a vital part of getting the full picture of media monitoring for a company or brand. Any company in an exposed position, whether due to their size, employees, the nature of their products and services, or sensitivity of their brands, needs to monitor the actions to be prepared to respond. Based on what takes place on the Dark Web, some of the most vulnerable industries are consumer goods, financial services and pharmaceuticals.


Our advanced dark web search engine.

  • Search among 18 million posts/month and get instant results in JSON
  • 12 months history
  • Full title and body text
  • Search by language, network, category, file type and more
  • The most comprehensive Dark Web monitoring API available

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What is a Dark Web API?

The Twingly Dark Web API is a tool that allows users to monitor the dark web for specific keywords and phrases.

The dark web refers to parts of the internet that are not indexed by traditional search engines and require special software, configurations, or permissions to access. These parts of the internet are sometimes used for illegal activities, such as the sale of drugs, weapons, and stolen data, as well as for communication and information sharing among criminal organizations.

The Twingly Dark Web API is a tool that allows users to monitor the dark web for specific keywords and phrases. It works by continuously scanning the dark web for new content, enabling users to stay informed about mentions of their brand, products, or other relevant topics on the dark web.

The Twingly Dark Web API is primarily used by organizations that need to monitor the dark web for security or brand management purposes. This includes law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and cybersecurity firms, as well as companies that want to protect their intellectual property or monitor their reputation.

Product FAQ

What is the scope of the Dark Web API's coverage?

We provide access to over 18 million posts per month from a variety of dark web sources. These include the Tor network, pastebins, forums, marketplaces, and networks, as well as free speech platforms and major messaging services 

How frequently is the Dark Web API updated with new content?

New content is added every second, 24/7. Our dynamic data collection prioritizes frequently updating sources, optimizing our data collection for efficiency.


Is there support for multi-language content?

Yes, we support dark web information in over 100 languages.

Does the Dark Web API offer content filtering?

Yes, you can filter on keywords, categories, site types, networks, domains, authors, file types, time periods, etc.

What kind of metadata does the API provide for each post?

Apart from the title and text of each post, we also provide url, site type, network, timestamp, author, etc. 

Is it possible to add a dark web source?

If you have noticed that we are not currently covering a particular source that you would like us to monitor, please let us know by filling out our Request Sources form. We will do our best to ensure that the source is indexed in the future. Note that adding new sources requires some manual work and comes with a small fee. For more information, please send an email to

Is it possible to backfill old posts when a new dark web source is added?

It depends on the source and how many posts that are available. 

What is the Dark Web API's reliability and uptime history?

You can find the historical uptime for the Dark Web API on our status page:

Is there a support channel for technical assistance?

Yes, you have easy accessible support forms on our platform when you log in. You can also always reach out to

Technical FAQ

Do I need an API key or authentication to access the service?

Yes, you get your API key by signing up on

What methods and data formats does the Dark Web API support?

In the Dark Web Search API, all queries are passed to a single search endpoint that accepts POST requests with JSON bodies and responds with JSON.


Is there rate limiting or usage quotas?

Yes. The Dark Web Search API is limited to 1 request per second and API key. The usage quota can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

What query parameters can be used for filtering and searching?

The data in our Dark Web Search API can be filtered on keywords, categories, site types, networks, domains, authors, file types, time periods, etc. All available search query parameters are described in our documentation on

Is there any documentation or example requests available?

Documentation with example requests is available on

Is there a sandbox or testing environment?

Yes. On it is possible to test queries and search in our data directly in the browser.

What is the API's uptime and reliability history?

Our API's historical uptime can be found on our status page:

Is there technical support or a developer community for assistance?

Yes. The Dark Web Search API has an easily accessible support form available to users logged into our platform. You can also always reach out to

Is there an API versioning strategy in place?

We implement updates to our API seamlessly to avoid breaking changes. Changelogs for all our APIs can be found at

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