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Follow up

Follow up which bloggers that has linked to you and what they write, for you to keep track and find new advocates to extend your blog relations.


Check the statistics over time to see the effect of your blogger outreach program and how your appearance in the blogosphere has developed.



Bloggers influence eCommerce

Bloggers have become one of the most influential groups when it comes to affect other people’s purchasing decisions. In a blog post, a blogger general describes the benefits of a product with related pictures, together with a link to the web shop. The loyal readers get the argument they need from a trusted source, with a buy button just a click away.

This is not the common behavior on any of the major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. That is why an effective blogger outreach strategy is central for any successful eCommerce business, so take control of your blog relations today with Twingly!

Blog Data

Twingly offers data in 55 different languages and indexes more than 1 million blog posts per day. We are the premier supplier of European blog data to media monitoring companies, read more about Twingly Blog Data now.

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