Make your online shop social!

Social networks have become an important element for shopping online. A recommendation from someone you trust weighs heavily in a purchase decision. Twingly eTrade will help you making your e-commerce site social by linking your products with comments from blogs. Join Nelly, Yves Rocher, Haléns, Lindex and many other online shops and start using eTrade!

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Why Twingly eTrade?

  • Help your customers

    Help your customers in making a decision by displaying expert opinions from blogs.

  • Increase sales

    Spread the news about your products and increase sales. Know and be part of the conversation.

  • SEO

    Blogs love your attention and will reward you by sharing their link love. Think SEO!

How it works

  1. Integrate within minutes using just a few lines of code.
  2. Link to blogs on every single product or show in one place who links to any of your products.
  3. Determine the look and feel of eTrade

Are you a developer looking for more technical details?

Find out more in our Technical Documentation

What our customers say


“Twingly eTrade is easy to install and has delivered positive results for us since day one. It has produced a positive word-of-mouth, increased brand preference, and significantly increased the number of blog posts, which has lead to more traffic and a strengthened SEO off page.” Read more

- Freddy Sobin, Director E-Commerce at Haléns


“To show links on the product pages is part of our SEO strategy. We hope to attract more links from bloggers when we link back to their blogs. We constantly strive to create interesting content to our product pages. A blog post could give some added value and it can often be the first step to try a new product. Many of the bloggers today have a strong influence on their readers.” Read more

- Maiju Romppanen, Project Manager Social Media at Yves Rocher

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Make your online shop social! Contact us for more details

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