Twingly Ping

What's Twingly?

Twingly is a ping service and blog search engine that connects traditional media to the blogosphere. We give news media the possibility to link back to blog posts linking to their articles.

My posts don't seem to be indexed by Twingly!

  • Wait ten minutes! If all is well, your blog post should have been picked up by us within ten minutes. However, sometimes it can take longer. If we, for some reason, were not able to connect to your blog, we'll try again after 30 minutes.
  • Make sure your blog is publishing a valid RSS or Atom-feed.
  • Make sure that your feed contains everything you want us to index - not just the headline and summary.

How do I ping Twingly automatically?

Just add to your blog tool's list of ping services. That way, Twingly will be notified every time you write a new blog post.

How do I ping manually?

If you're using a blog tool that doesn't support automatic ping, you can still ping us using the ping box (above) at Just enter your blog or feed adress and click "Ping!".