Twingly Blog Ping

My posts don't seem to be indexed?

  • Wait a little while – depending on our current load, it may take a little while for your blog to be indexed
  • Check your RSS feed: make sure you publish the entire content of your blog post and that the links are published as HTML links – that way your blog post gets linked back to by our partners
  • Read answers to frequently asked questions on our FAQ page


To get your blog posts indexed in the future and appear on our partners’ websites, make sure that you ping us regularly.

How do I ping automatically?

Add to your blog tool's list of ping services. That way, Twingly will be notified every time you write a new blog post.

How do I ping manually?

If your blogging platform doesn’t support automatic pings, you can ping us manually. Enter the URL of your latest entry, your RSS feed or even easier – your blog’s front page URL in the text field above!